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Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Leases by Martin I. Zankel – While many books offer sample forms and advice about drafting clauses for retail, office, and industrial leases, few examine the essential business issues underlying each clause of the lease from both sides of the negotiating table — tenant and landlord alike.

How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate by John L. Bowman  – How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate is a comprehensive, practical book for those considering entering the field of commercial real estate, those just beginning in the business, as well as experienced brokers and sales managers who want to evaluate and strengthen their current strategies—especially those related to listings, negotiations, contracts, and sales.

The Integrative Design Guide to Green Building: Redefining the Practice of Sustainability by 7GRoup and Bill Reed – The integrative design process offers a new path to making better green building decisions and addressing complex issues that threaten living systems.

Keepers of the Castle by William Furguson – Examining what has always been America’s largest industry, this helpful handbook analyzes the recent transformation of real estate investment and identifies the leadership attributes necessary for executives and board chairs as they guide their businesses through profound change.

The Real Estate Game by William Poorvu –  A clear, comprehensive overview illustrated with real-life experiences about individual investors, small developers, and moguls. Poorvu has developed and managed real estate and taught real estate investing at the Harvard Business School for over 35 years. This book is drawn from his course, and is designed to help investors make the right decisions derived from the right assumptions and to provide an insider’s perspective on how to spot risks and develop strategies that provide protection and adequate investment returns.

Commercial Real Estate Analysis & Investments by David M. Geltner – This book presents the essential concepts, principles, and tools for the analysis of commercial real estate from an investment perspective—integrating relevant aspects of urban and financial economics. It bridges the gap between mainstream finance and the current cutting edge of professional real estate practice with a look at asset market inefficiency and illiquidity, after-tax analysis for various types of investors, tax-exempt institutions, and private investment.



Crush it! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion by Gary Vaynerchuk – Yet another rallying cry to the banner of turning your passion into a career, from braggadocio-ridden entrepreneur Vaynerchuk. After taking over his father’s local liquor store, Shopper’s Discount Liquors, and building it from a $4 million business to a $50 million one, he created the wine-tasting blog Wine Library TV and discovered the power of the Internet for driving sales. This book shares his experience and step-by-step advice for using Twitter, Facebook, etc., and suggestions for monetizing an online persona, reiterating that the Internet makes it possible for anyone to make serious cash by turning what they love most into their personal brand.

Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi – The youngest partner in Deloitte Consulting’s history and founder of the consulting company Ferrazzi Greenlight, the author quickly aims in this useful volume to distinguish his networking techniques from generic handshakes and business cards tossed like confetti. At conferences, Ferrazzi practices what he calls the “deep bump” – a “fast and meaningful” slice of intimacy that reveals his uniqueness to interlocutors and quickly forges the kind of emotional connection through which trust, and lots of business, can soon follow. Seek out mentors to guide you and introduce you to the people you need to know and then become a mentor yourself. Use your initial conversation to show the other person what you have to offer them, and never keep score. Make others feel important by remembering their names and birthdays. And don’t be afraid to open up and show vulnerability–it’s a great icebreaker.



The Sure Thing by Malcolm Gladwell (The New Yorker 1.18.2010)


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