Posted by: BayAreaComRE | March 2, 2011

Thank You for 2 Great Years, and Many More to Come!

On the heels of Steve Jobs’ courageous appearance today at Engadget in San Francisco to announce the new iPad2, the epitome of innovation, I am excited to announce my two-year anniversary at Cushman & Wakefield and my own innovative approach to commercial real estate. No, I’m not comparing my career to that of Steve Jobs’ (maybe one day!), but rather to the passion around true innovation that embodies our markets and spans our industries.

There is no place like the Bay Area, where innovation is top of mind with leaders and the aspiring alike. The technology and media sector has defined a generation, not just an industry.

The resurgence of the economy has been largely attributed to the entrepreneurs starting new companies, angel investors and venture capitals injecting capital and fast-growing companies like Salesforce, Facebook and Twitter adding jobs.

I center my business on facilitating this growth with creative workspaces and leading technologies.

As blogging and social media becomes the preeminent medium to share information, I have been fortunate to contribute to prolific publications and technology communities including VentureBeat, Silicon Valley Watcher, SF New Tech and the Bay Area Commercial Real Estate Blog.

In commercial real estate, the job does not begin and end with finding an office and negotiating a lease. To truly understand clients and their goals, I have embraced their own products, whether it be an application or a social media network. That’s the fun part of the business!

I will be attending the SXSW Conference in Austin in the coming weeks and expect to see a strong presence from Bay Area technology and interactive marketing leaders, as well as eat some great BBQ! Of course, I will report back…

Our team has worked with some of the leading companies in the world including Broadcom, Thomson Reuters, Hearst Corporation and AKQA, but, just as importantly, has opened the first office for many exciting startups.

I want to thank all the great clients and connections I have made in the past two years, and particularly my teammates, for their continued mentorship and unmatched knowledge and experience in the business.

Our team is ready for an exciting year as the technology and media sectors continue to grow and innovate.


  1. Congrats on the 2 year anniversary at Cushman, you have done an incredible job of harnessing the innovation and creativity that defines the By Area.

    I look forward to your coverage of SXSW!

    • Thanks Joe! Appreciate it a lot! You put on this blog on the map with your original top 10…never forget it.

  2. When you hit ATX…..Don’t know if you have already been….but on the BBQ front “The Salt Lick” is a must stop

    • Maybe the top reason I am going to South-by!

  3. oh yeah and congrats on the two years… are clearly ahead of your time in the dinosaur den…..but I remember when I started in the business 20 years ago the old school brokers…..really nobody was even using a PC….I remember this quote …. “you gotta be out there on the street, you can’t make any money typing on a computer”

    While clearly, you very much still have get out on the street, you clearly get it. You are at the center of the universe for social media and technology, you are wisely embedding yourself in the community of the tenants you already do and will represent in the years to come.

    • Thanks Coy, means a lot. It’s cool to see someone come up in the Old School and then define the New School. Wish I was seeing you in Austin, dude.

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