Posted by: BayAreaComRE | August 11, 2010

Around the Horn – Articles from our Blogroll

Here are some recent local and national articles from our blogroll and stories we’ve been tracking as of late.

Buying into S.F.’s “solid office market” (Purchase of 255 California) – SF Gate

Forest City sells interest in San Francisco’s Metreon to Westfield for $19M – SF Biz Times

Jackson Square building fetches $14M – SF Biz Times

Editorial – Our city could use a little ‘Manhattanization’ – SF Gate

“Palo Alto is So Hot Right Now” Series
Part 1 – AOL signs lease for Palo Alto space – SV Biz Times , Part 2 – HP moving Cupertino jobs to Palo Alto – SV Biz Times,  Part 3 – Skype leases 90,000 square feet at Stanford Research Park – SV Biz Times

Humorous post of the week goes to….Fellow Brokers, I Respect You (Cheers JR) –

Goldman and Citigroup to Sell $788.5 Million C.M.B.S. – NYT Times

Buyers Jockey for Stuyvesant – WSJ

Check out this cool new tool we found –


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