Posted by: BayAreaComRE | August 2, 2010

Adapting to Demand: The New Energy & Clean Technology Group (ECT Group)

Cushman & Wakefield’s current President and CEO announced today the formation and launch of the Energy & Clean Technology Group (ECT Group). One of our writers (Jon Dishotsky) and his team (Nathan Zoucha & Jay Seiden) have been included as a part of that practice group, the leads here in the Bay Area, and are very excited about the announcement. The group’s focus will be real estate service delivery—site selection and transactions; consulting; supply-chain advisory; appraisals; etc.—to service providers and manufacturers in the renewable energy and clean technology sectors.

Many of the industries that fall within these broad sectors are emerging and highly dynamic. The ECT Group will, therefore, remain nimble and attuned to the evolution of these industries and serve as a go-to team for both business development and sector intelligence. The primary and convergent industries on the radar of the ECT Group are as follows:

Primary Industries
Renewable Energy Generation
Geothermal energy

Power Supplies/Storage
Lithium ion batteries
Fuel cells
Uninterruptable power supplies

Other Clean Technology Industries
Pollution abatement
Water technologies

Convergent Industries
Traditional Energy Companies
Electric utilities
Smart-grid Technology
Distribution and transportation

The local teams’ clients have ranged from Solar (First Solar), to Pharmaceutical (CV Therapeutics), to Semiconductor (TSMC, AAT, Orbotech, and LSI Logic), and as the ECT Group best practices evolve and develop over time, so will with the great roster of clients.

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