Posted by: BayAreaComRE | May 26, 2010

Obama’s Bay Area Tour 2k10

(Airforce One Helicopter and Entourage taken by marina resident)

 If you didn’t realize President Obama was in town, you probably haven’t been out of your house in the last 24 hours. Obama visited San Francisco for a fundraiser, charging $2,000 a ticket, to back Barbara Boxer in her race to claim a 4th term in her current Senate position. Apparently the fundraiser raised $1.7 Million for the incumbent. Politics aside, Obama made some high-profile appearances, namely a visit to the Getty’s for a $32,000-a-plate dinner, and today a stop at Solyndra’s new facilities in Fremont. 

Solyndra signed a 500,000 square foot lease at 901 Page Avenue in Fremont back in October of 2009. The 14-year transaction is valued at over $45 Million. Solyndra received over $500 Million in federal grants and the plant is expected to hire over 1,000 workers, in addition to the 3,000 it employed during the construction of the plant. The deal was a huge win for California-based Overton Moore who acquired the building from HP in 2008 for an undisclosed amount. The transaction was touted as the largest manufacturing/warehouse lease in the Bay Area in over 20 years. 

Obama made strong promises, most notably, that he would not let the U.S. fall behind in the cleantech race: “I don’t know about you, but I’m not prepared to cede America’s leadership in this, because I’m not prepared to cede our leadership in the global economy.” He also talked about the closure of NUMMI (we covered this a few months back), and how Tesla and Toyota are both reviving the plant with new projects set to bring thousands of manufacturing jobs back on-line in the Bay Area.

For more on Obama’s visit and footage from his speech, click below: 

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