Posted by: BayAreaComRE | April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

For the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, we wanted to share some awesome achievements C&W has accomplished in the last year. We have absolutely no problem bragging about “green” accomplishments; whatever we can do to help future generations live healthier and longer lives is a plus for us!

LEED Portfolio Program. In partnership with USGBC, C&W’s approach to volume certification for existing buildings under the LEED-EB standard has quickly gone from a great idea to a successful pilot program.  With 18 buildings already certified — more than half at the Gold level or above — this represents a potent and cost-effective alternative that distinguishes us in the marketplace.

Iconic Properties Going Green. Whether it’s the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco or Wachovia Financial Center in Miami, from coast to coast, some of the most environmentally responsible iconic properties are managed by Cushman & Wakefield.  We’re proud to be associated with such progressive and innovative owners.

The C&W Environmental Challenge. We challenged our property and facility management teams throughout the U.S. to reduce energy use, water consumption and waste disposal by 10 percent by 2012 over a 2008 baseline.  Progress is being recognized annually through an awards program.  Following some fierce competition, the 2009 winners will be announced in the next edition of C&W’s Energy & Sustainability Task Force Newsletter.

The Green Building Opportunity Index. Working with the BetterBricks Initiative of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, C&W has launched the first assessment tool to rank top office markets on the basis of both real estate fundamentals and sustainable development considerations. I’m delighted by the favorable media coverage this extraordinary initiative has received.

Green Valuation. As the industry’s foremost valuation advisor, C&W’s leadership on the impact of sustainable strategies on asset values is unrivaled. To find out more, download “High Performance Green Building: What’s It Worth?” — a C&W study undertaken in collaboration with the Cascadia Region Green Building Council and the Vancouver Valuation Accord.

C&W Earth Day Tool Kit. Managed properties nationwide have received a Tool Kit with suggested activities to commemorate Earth Day, as well as resources to enhance sustainable building operations and maintenance practices, and share best practices with building occupants. Every year, more properties and facilities make use of this Tool Kit.

Training & Education. By adopting an innovative, Web-based approach, we have significantly expanded access to exam preparation training for CS professionals seeking LEED accreditation.  And we continue to raise the bar on sustainable building operations with new Green Practice Policies within the C&W Facility and Property Management Operations Manual.

Keeping Our Commitments. All these achievements are supportive of our commitments to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, under the agreement we signed over a year ago — the first of its kind by a commercial real estate services firm.

LEED-CI Gold For World Headquarters. Just yesterday, we learned that USGBC has officially certified our new WHQ offices at the Gold level, exceeding our target of LEED Silver. This is the result of more than two years of an integrated team process, from design and development through the construction phase. It’s a testament to our commitment to reduce water use by 400,000 gallons a year, avoid nearly 1,200 tons of CO2 annually through renewable energy purchases, and divert 200 tons of construction waste from landfill, among other metrics.

For more information about our sustainability record, including a video on our industry-defining work for Adobe, visit


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