Posted by: BayAreaComRE | March 23, 2010

Oracle Redefines Office Space in New Japanese HQ – Scores Innovator Award from CoreNet

Larry Ellison and the Oracle real estate team made a statement in Japan with their new headquarters for Oracle Japan. They implemented Free Address. It literally means that all their lines of business have an option of where they want to work each day in the building (or not in the building at all!). A growing number of employees are choosing to have a free address, and it’s working, according to Kazuya Seya and Randy Smith, director of real estate and facilities in Japan and globally (respectively). Those with Free Address can choose to work from home as opposed to coming in the office, and generally do so at least once a week.

CoreNet Global, a worldwide commercial real estate network, recognized Oracle Japan’s building and work environment with an Innovator Award. They recently presented this award at our recent Northern California CoreNet meeting, held at the 42nd floor of 1 Market. Kazuya flew in from Japan just to accept this award and give a presentation.

This building erected at the precipice of one of the biggest mergers and acquisitions in history, the Oracle and Sun Microsystems merger. They integrated Oracles Flex Office and Sun’s iWork technology, and created a workplace for on going innovation.

Their building systems, paper and waste management are top of the line, as you could imagine. No surprise on Larry’s part, they even have a Tea Ceremony Room at the top of the building, built with authentic experts in the field and special bent bamboo.

The planning stages of this project spanned several years, from site survey and selection to schematic design and construction. Next came the hard part. Changing the minds of the employees to adjust to a radical new way to work.

Interestingly, Larry Ellison showed a particular interest in this project. Randy Smith, Global Director of Real Estate, said, “in 14 years Larry hasn’t concerned himself with the build-outs of spaces, but he even helped pick the colors of paint on this one.”



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