Posted by: BayAreaComRE | February 12, 2010

New York Based Grey Group Takes a Page Out of FaceBook

Grey Group - New York


All open space, exposed wood, brick and concrete, tight quarters and the random bedroom. Sounds familiar here in the Bay Area, but new territory for our counterparts in the Big Apple. Grey Group, a multi-national, traditional advertising shop moved their long-time headquarters and 1,200 employees from private office intensive, “Mad Men” generation space to modern tech space emblematic of South of Market and Silicon Valley offices.


Take a look at the space Facebook recently occupied compared to the Grey Group’s new headquarters. 

Facebook - Palo Alto


“Before the big move, anxiety levels were high. Not only were employees concerned about losing their walls, but they also had to drastically condense their files and possessions. Those in creative positions got one box; everyone else got two. The creative and production area has long, continuous work tables; the other floors have separate desks with low cubicle walls.” 

Grey even hired physchiartrists to help with the move. “Dr. Mausner said the newly office-less employees might be feeling both what he called intrusion anxiety and exposure anxiety. He is planning to hold three types of sessions: one to let employees mourn the loss of the old building; a second to come up with ways to handle potential drawbacks of the open plan; and a third to help workers use the new space to its full potential.” 

Grey indeed takes a page out of our book…facebook. 

See the full New York Times story here.


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