Posted by: BayAreaComRE | February 8, 2010

BayAreaComRE reaches SoCal’s Premiere Blog The Daily Drach

BayAreaComRE has appeared on a USC Real Estate School graduate’s blog “The Daily Drach“, and just recently made the top 10 watch list on a NYU Real Estate student’s blog “A Student of the Real Estate Game”. Check out our article here. We follow both these guys. They have great insight into real estate and we are stoked to get on their radar.

John Drachman, author of the stellar real estate blog, The Daily Drach, mentioned BayAreaComRE on his blog today. We have followed John for a long time and post his blog in our BlogRoll below. Check out all our favorite blogs and news sources.

Here is what The Daily Drach is all about. “This blog will continue the tradition John Drachman started while in grad school, sending Daily Drach emails to classmates on stories, videos and personal commentaries on what was going on in real estate. He finally stopped being lazy and created the blog so that more people could be a part of it.”


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