Posted by: BayAreaComRE | February 5, 2010

C&W Social Media Galore! Podcasts, Scribd Articles and Interactive Websites on the Economy and CRE Market

C&W published several different media sources to update you on the world economy, the Americas and our local markets. Here is a summary of our report on the US economy, which you can view and download below via Scribd. Enjoy!

Cushman & Wakefield sheds positive light on the US economy, with greens shoots in GDP, consumer spending and business investment, even labor markets are beginning to stabilize. The number of layoffs has fallen in 2010 and temporary employment rose, a sign total employment will improve. Consumer spending saw a 2.3% annual increase from May to November of 2009 (the most recent data available). Even more promising, business increased their investment in equipment and software spending at an annualized rate of 13.3% compared with an increase of 1.5% in the 3rd quarter.

We at BayAreaComRE are happy to report good news, but recognize there is still a long way to go. The 4th quarter GDP growth of 5.7% was mostly attributable to restocking inventories, see WSJ article here. Here in SF, the office market appears to have bottomed but there is little sign of a quick recovery which is dependent on job growth and companies relocating to San Francisco. Large companies continue to downsize which will offset any gains by small firms expanding. Landlords are still very aggressive in lowering rents and increasing TI allowances.

Here are the fourth quarter 2009 Global MarketBeat reports. The link below walks you through a brief flash introduction followed by a global map where you can download the latest MarketBeat reports from markets around the globe. Thanks to the C&W Research Team for providing this great resource. (

Listen to the podcast below by Ken McCarthy, Managing Director, US Research Services for C&W via Cushman & Wakefield – Global real estate solutions – Knowledge Center.


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